Student Visitor Visa


Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for permission to come to the UK as a student visitor (known as a ‘visa’ or ‘entry clearance’) before you travel here. You can find out whether you need a visa by using the ‘Do I need a UK visa?’ questionnaire on our Visa services section. ….


This page explains whether you can appeal if you are refused permission to enter the United Kingdom as a student visitor. If we refuse your application, the entry clearance officer or the immigration officer will tell you and you will be given a detailed written refusal notice. This will tell you if and how you ………..


If you want to come to the UK in order to do a short course of study during your visit, you can apply to do so as a student visitor. The period when you intend to be in the UK must not exceed 6 months (or 11 months, if you will be studying on an ………….